Propose a Workshop

The MDM Academy aggregates workshops from recognized experts in fields related to performance marketing and quantitative marketing. Workshop organizers keep 100% of the ticket proceeds from their workshops.

If you have an idea for a workshop that you believe would be a good fit for the Mobile Dev Memo / QuantMar audience, please feel free to submit a proposal to Eric Seufert. A workshop should include:

  • A title that very clearly articulates the topic that will be covered in the workshop, and at what level of depth;
  • A link to content that you have produced and presented on this topic. This might be a YouTube video of a conference presentation that you gave, or an article that you had published on a website, or even a well-written answer on QuantMar. But you should be able to showcase your ability to impart knowledge on this topic;
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile and a short biography that specifically highlights your relevant experience in the topic of the workshop you are proposing;
  • A brief outline of the workshop you intend to present (this can be simply a basic structure; you don’t need to have a completed workshop ready at the proposal stage).

Proposals should contain all of this information to be considered.