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Understanding mobile ad monetization and how it creates value

March 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am GMT

Ad monetization has seen tremendous growth in the gaming industry in the last few years. Games of all genres, from hardcore to casual have incorporated ads into their monetization strategy — with ads taking a constantly growing share of overall game revenue.

In this one-hour webinar, we will cover the fundamentals of ad monetization with the aim of better understanding the entire business and how it can create value for your games as well, regardless of the genre. Among other things, the webinar will cover:

  • Ad monetization as a sustainable business model
  • Where does the money come from and how does the entire value chain look like
  • What are the ad formats developers have at their disposal, pros and cons of each format and what ad formats developers use and in which types of games
  • What are the KPIs developer should track to make sure their ad monetization system is set for success
  • Best practices and KPI benchmarks
  • How does ad serving work and how to make significantly more money with a small effort
  • Q&A

Workshop Length: 1 hour

Workshop Format: Live-streamed webinar

Workshop Date: March 26th
– 10am – 11am London time
– 11am – 12pm Berlin Time
– 6pm – 7pm Shanghai Time

About the instructor, Bozo Jankovic:

Bozo is an experienced Business Development Manager working at GameBiz, a boutique, consultancy firm for the video games industry.

Bozo is primarily working with F2P game developers, helping them grow the business by monetizing their games with ads. He handles all aspects of ad monetization business, from crafting a strategy to ad placement and waterfall optimization. Some of his clients include the likes of studios such as Creative Mobile, Nanobit, Two Desperados. etc..

He previously worked at Nordeus, where he was responsible for licensing and ad monetization business worth several million dollars a year.


Bozo Jankovic